Strategic Marketing can help to make you the obvious choice for customers
by emphasizing the major strengths of your company.

Unique offers to specific target markets can further
separate you from your competition.

Our ideas on how to accomplish efficient and profitable market penetration
will be outlined in a confidential proposal.

Steps to be implemented will be according to a roadmap with
realistic goals, time frames and check points.

Analysis of various data allows us to adjust and improve strategies
and ensure that marketing objectives are achieved.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a powerful technique to determine inner “Strengths” & “Weaknesses” and outsourced “Opportunities” &”Threats” of a company. This tool can supply you with an overview to determine your strategy.

Management by Objectives

Management by Objectives is the process of defining specific objectives within an organization. It assists management to decide on how to achieve each objective in sequence, and clearly convey such objectives to members of the organization.

Implementation Steps

After status determination with SWOT analysis and road map with Management by Objectives, now it is turn for progress. In execution of determined steps, a realistic time table, disciplined routine and consistent advancement is crucial.


Digital Solutions, one of our additional services, covers many online services
such as Web Page Design, Content Management (CMS), Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
Social Media Management (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

As demographics show, the digital world has an increasing effect
on our daily social and business lives.

You too, can claim your place in this digital transformation and
benefit various targeted solutions for your company.

Website Design

Your website is probably the most prestigious presence of your company in the digital environment. The “Home” page should shout “Pay Attention”, The “About” page should be inspiring and the “Services” page should offer solutions for you customers’ problem.

SEO Analysis

Everyday there are 3,5 billion searches worldwide on Google. Ensure your website laced with words used to search for services and products like the ones you provide. SEO will help you to get found by your potential clients.

Content Marketing

Since Bill Gates said “Content is the King” in 1996, the importance of this is increasing day by day. We are in a media world which has an unlimited connection with technology. Content is positioned right in the center of this concept.


Your corporate identity, your Brand, is like a promise, a declaration of benefit.
It addresses consumers in a more efficient manner than,
for instance, promotion based on just pricing.

Proper Brand management  and promotion allows you to create instant recognition
for the quality of products and services, your company provides.

By analyzing your company’s strengths, market needs and future trends
we can assist in determining effective marketing strategies and supply your products
with a final touch for a better match with your target customers.

In short, we can help develop strategies which give you greater competitive power.

Corporate identity

To distinguish your company from competitors in the market, establishing  a brand name and logo are the first steps of branding. This allows your customers to recognize and find you easily.

Brand Positioning

A Brand is build upon the principle to create expectations in the consumer. What does your brand promise; the best performance, quality, price, style, prestige? All of the above, your Brand is your commitment to your client!

Sustainable Profitability

After dealing with identity and positioning, it is time to concentrate on profitability. You need to establish a solid place in the market, in order to transform you Brand into your Golden Goose.

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