The meeting of two persons is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is a reaction both sides are transformed.

I would love to listen your challanges and your project. If you don’t know where to start or are unsure how to begin, I am also able to supply assistance at this point.

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    “I was introduced to Ugur by a friend of mine. I expressed my idea of my business I have and told about my intention to make  it bigger, Ugur is the one who is listening, taking it seriously and believing in my success.

    His experience in fashion business and marketing helps me to get into selling and commercial strategy! We have improved development of my business.
    So far I could realize the progress frankly and we have stepped up the business to a higher level together. Currently we are working on a social media strategy project. And I am hoping to work with him for my web page design.
    He is easy to work with and fun! I would definitely recommend him if you need to grow your online business and enhance your digital presence.”

    “Ugur was recommended to me by a business relation for the construction of a website.

    • He designed and constructed my business consulting website from scratch in an efficient and competent manner.
    • His feedback and suggestions have been instrumental in the content of the site, as well as in the design of the logo.
    • In addition he suggested strategies and ideas for content marketing, which are being implemented.
    • Presently we have an ongoing project regarding SEO and Social Media Marketing implementations.

    I am quite satisfied with the services he provided and am planning to work with him on further projects. I would not hesitation to recommend his services.”

    “About a year ago, I met Ugur through my own blog. During the coaching sessions we have clarified the goals and strengths of my venture.

     Ugur, is an educated professional who has up to date skills for today’s’ requirements. I’ve been watching him with appreciation for his digital marketing and strategy development skills.

     Without doubt, his experience in infrastructure engineering , his private sector experience in marketing, and his communication skills allow him to carry out projects successfully.  I am also happy to follow his interesting  blog about salad & pasta receipts.

     I highly recommend Ugur to both my own business environment and to companies who want to develop their business in a digital environment.”

    “I have known Ugur for about 6 months now. At first as a participant in my business courses, and then as a service provider and friend.

    Ugur is passionate about marketing, online strategy, and business growth. He is constantly learning and upgrading his skills, staying current with the latest trends and opportunities.

    I have regularly been blown away with Ugur’s consistency and reliability. He keeps projects on track and things moving forward without need for direction or pressure from the client.
    He is a true professional in this regard.

    If you have a chance to work with Ugur in any capacity I highly recommend it.”

    “I came across with him as a  Strategic Marketing consultant. We have progressed consistently through weekly meetings. Through SWOT analysis we identified the strengths and weaknesses of the Turkish Golf Riviera .

    We examined successful examples and potential competitors in the industry with the bench-marking and competitor analysis.

    We identify the points to the improve the branding of our product and determined manners to add additional value to our services.

    In all likelihood I will work with Ugur again when I need web design services.

    To renew the marketing image of your company and in order to increase customer awareness of your company in a digital market place, I would definitely recommend Ugur.”

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